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Dropping Off And Picking Up

There are several ways to leave your car with us.

The most common way is to come in and drop your car off either the night before, or the morning of your appointment.

You can also schedule to take a loaner car, then pick it up when you drop off in the morning.

Or don't leave at all! You can schedule an exact time to wait for the car to get fixed.
We also offer several ways for you to deal with us without ever seeing our faces!
The easiest options are the PICK UP and DROP OFF boxes to the right of the office.

If you're dropping off and we're not here just use the Night Drop Box.
Now, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, please see this article about how to avoid a run in with the trickster demon that lives in the Night Drop Box.

When you're ready to pick up, we can text you a link to cash out through, run a card over the phone, or take a check through the Night Drop Box. We can leave your keys under your floor mat with the doors locked or unlocked, or we can put your keys in a Pick Up Lock Box and text you a unique code to get in.

Just let us know what's best for you!

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