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Thanks for Being Patient

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

We finally got some more staff! The expansion of the village has created the need for more help. Unfortunately we experienced the same issues all businesses seem to be experiencing, a lack of applicants. The wait seems to be over as we just picked up two really great guys, and have leads on two more. The big problem now is the lack of parts. The parts supply train is really suffering, we're having a hard time getting simple things like air and oil filters. Kind of a two steps forward one step back sort of, I guess, keep being patient? I don't know. We're trying, but the world is fighting us. Listen, while I have you, the other day, I heard that road rage incidents have jumped way up. Now, I know everyone feels like the world is fighting them right now, but yelling at your neighbors or strangers is just going to make it worse. I hope you're not out there doing that mess. Of course you're not. You're not that type of person. You're the type of person that will read a wordy blog post, on a mechanics website. I like you. I think you need a hobby though. Seeing as how you read all of this I'm going to assume you're a pretty big dork. Me too. A hobby you may want to look into is building models. I'd never done that before, but I don't limit my experiences. As a matter of fact, you should never impose limitations on yourself. Why would you do that? What if there aren't the rules you think there are? What if you can do anything, any thing, you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone? And, if that thing will help someone, you should definitely do that. That's all there is to it, "first do no harm" or as the Hindus say "ahimsa". So you can't cause physical, financial, of mental/emotional harm, after that go nuts! So anyway, with this feeling of freedom in mind, my son and I stumbled a cross Hobby Central, a really slick store in the Columbus Plaza. We were checking out the remote control cars, the retro toys, the War Hammer gear, all kinds of neat stuff, when I spotted a 1988 NCC-1701-D Enterprise model. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Come on man! Still in the plastic! Now, like I said, I've never build a model in my life, but I'm not going to not have this experience. Next thing I know, I'm buying tiny things of paint, tweezers, brushes, I spent a weekend building this thing. It came out ok, but the decals were really frail, and I'm to nervous to do the detail painting.

So yeah, thanks for being patient, don't yell at people, have cool experiences without hurting anyone, and get a hobby you dork.

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